Hiking at Mount BakerMore About Su-Laine

I’ve worked in the software development industry since 1996 as an interaction designer, technology consultant, and technical communicator.

I started my software career at at Chancery Software (now Pearson School Systems), as a technical communicator. A few years later I moved into the position of usability specialist, which is what they called interaction designers back then. At Chancery, I documented and designed mission-critical software for meeting the administration and reporting requirements of K-12 schools, including health records management.

At Blast Radius Products, which later became a division of JustSystems, I designed Critique, a new web-based application for business collaboration, and was the sole user experience designer for the XMetaL line of XML authoring and collaboration tools for over six years.

While I was working with customers to improve software user interfaces at JustSystems, I often found I was able to help them with practical advice, and became their go-to person for issues in getting technology implemented. This led me to a new role as Solutions Consultant at JustSystems, with responsibilities ranging from sales engineering to cross-vendor standards development. As a product evangelist and trainer, I presented at international conferences such as WritersUA and Content Management Strategies and was a top-rated speaker.

In 2011, I realized that although I enjoyed technical services work, I get the most satisfaction as a craftsperson rather than a subject matter expert. I  decided to start my own consulting business and  look for new creative challenges. So far I’ve loved it!