JustSystems Partner Extranet

JustSystems Partner Extranet

Tokushima-based JustSystems is the largest independent software vendor in Japan. Outside of Japan, its business model relies heavily on partnerships with other technology vendors and service providers.

The JustSystems Partner Extranet provides information and resources for JustSystems partners, delivering content from Marketing, Sales, Development, and Technical Services team members. A previous version of the site was seldom used and lacked appropriate content, because staff were not sure of its purpose and found it difficult to update.

I was responsible for planning, developing and launching the new site, serving as strategist, project manager, lead information architect, and webmaster. Through a series of discussions with internal stakeholders, I developed and secured approval of plans to overhaul the site. My deliverables included:

  • A requirements document including corporate and audience goals, non-goals (what the website should not include), and personas
  • Content taxonomy / navigational categories
  • A content maintenance plan to ensure that it would continue to serve as a functioning collaborative space with clear ownership of all areas of content
  • New, streamlined procedures for content approval
  • Initial content

I performed all front-end development and IT, customizing a WordPress theme with CSS and PHP. The site launched successfully and the team was grateful to have a well-designed site to support their communications.