Report on Trends in Information Security

Cover of the SBIC report on Transforming Information Security

I recently had the pleasure of co-writing and editing a report, in collaboration with Robinson Insight, on trends in information security technology. The report is based on interviews with the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC), a group of 19 information security executives from Global 1000 companies. The SBIC is an industry initiative sponsored by RSA, the Security Division of EMC. These reports are fun to do, because staying ahead of cybercriminals is so hard that you get a chance to watch very smart people being creatively challenged.

This week, the SBIC released its report, titled Focusing on Strategic Technologies. It is the third in a series on Transforming Information Security.

Some highlights:

  • Big data analytics is considered fundamental to developing cyber-threat resilience. Security’s data analytics program shouldn’t be in its own silo, however. Organizations should consider how to make their security analytics program provide a path towards an enterprise-wide big data strategy.
  • Cloud security services are booming, in part because of government surveillance. Service vendors claim that they can make enterprise cloud usage, which is often informal, more transparent and auditable. Some claim to be able to encrypt cloud data.
  • Better user experience for secure systems is a priority for many organizations. In security, UX means fewer and faster sign-ons; quicker access to data and applications; freedom to move between devices; and less need to memorize complex passwords and numerous username/password combinations.


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